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Time and Attendance software reduces the risk of human error and ensures and easy, impartial, and orderly approach in addressing Specific needs without any confusion. In fact, Time and Attendance software has been shown to have an accuracy rate of more than 99% versus manual systems by eliminating errors in data entry and calculations.
Time and attendance software together with biometric data collection devices may be used to control employee access to certain areas within a facility and track employee entry. Biometric data collection devices eliminate buddy punching and also helps reduce costly liabilities, including theft of equipment or property.

Productivity increases because the process is seamless and makes day-to-day operations more efficient and convenient. Eliminating legacy practices frees up employee’s time, decreases staffing over- head, and provides supervisors with timely labor data to more effectively manage their operations.

Implementing a technology based time and attendance solution with biometric devices will immediately help to reduce your labor costs. Manually collecting, managing, calculating and processing time data to process payroll can take a lot of time, but with an automated time and attendance solution, companies are able to increase efficiency and save money.

Time Attendance is the best time tracking tool available for restaurants, retail businesses, hotels, motels, and other businesses hospitality, retail, and food-service industries. Whatever your needs are, Time Attendance can accommodate them